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GeekTonic Guide to TV- Fall 2011 TV

If you’ve been paying attention, you know it’s TV week at GeekTonic.  We’ve covered each of the new series network by network – with trailer preview videos for each so you can decide which new series you will take a chance on this year.  If you’ve missed any of those new series first looks, check them out here:


Now that we’ve covered nearly all of the new shows, it’s time to do a rundown of all season premieres for this Fall 2011 TV season.  This should be one of the most comprehensive looks at the Fall 2011 season you’ll find anywhere.

The following downloads contain a complete listing of the new TV Premieres including all networks:

Here’s a sampling of the TV premieres for the major networks and shows this Fall 2011 season:

Premiere Date


Time  (Eastern pm)

Title Network
9/5/2011 Mon 9:00PM American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior DISC
9/5/2011 Mon 9:00PM Real Housewives of Beverly Hills BRAVO
9/6/2011 Tue 10:00PM Gene Simmons Family Jewels A&E
9/6/2011 Tue 10:00PM Sons of Anarchy FX
9/7/2011 Wed 9:00PM Inside the NFL SHOW
9/13/2011 Tue 7:00PM Rise Up ESPN
9/13/2011 Tue 8:00PM 90210 CW
9/13/2011 Tue 9:00PM Ringer CW
9/13/2011 Tue 10:00PM Parenthood NBC
9/14/2011 Wed 8:00PM H8R CW
9/14/2011 Wed 8:00PM Survivor: South Pacific CBS
9/14/2011 Wed 9:00PM America's Next Top Model CW
9/14/2011 Wed 10:00PM Up All Night NBC
9/14/2011 Wed 10:30PM Free Agents NBC
9/15/2011 Thu 8:00PM Emmy Awards FOX
9/15/2011 Thu 8:00PM Vampire Diaries, the CW
9/15/2011 Thu 9:00PM Secret Circle, the CW
9/15/2011 Thu 10:00PM It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia FX
9/15/2011 Thu 10:30PM Archer FX
9/16/2011 Fri 10:00PM 20/20 ABC
9/16/2011 Fri 10:00PM Real Time with Bill Maher HBO
9/18/2011 Sun 8:00PM 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards FOX
9/19/2011 Mon 8:00PM Dancing with the Stars ABC
9/19/2011 Mon 8:00PM Sing-Off, The NBC
9/19/2011 Mon 8:30PM How I Met Your Mother CBS
9/19/2011 Mon 9:00PM Two And a Half Men CBS
9/19/2011 Mon 9:30PM 2 Broke Girls CBS
9/19/2011 Mon 10:00PM Castle ABC
9/19/2011 Mon 10:00PM Hawaii Five-O CBS
9/19/2011 Mon 10:00PM Playboy Club, The NBC
9/20/2011 Tue 8:00PM Biggest Loser, The NBC
9/20/2011 Tue 8:00PM Glee FOX
9/20/2011 Tue 8:00PM NCIS CBS
9/20/2011 Tue 9:00PM NCIS: Los Angeles CBS
9/20/2011 Tue 9:00PM New Girl FOX
9/20/2011 Tue 9:30PM Raising Hope FOX
9/20/2011 Tue 10:00PM Body of Proof ABC
9/20/2011 Tue 10:00PM Tosh.0 COMEDY
9/20/2011 Tue 10:00PM Unforgettable CBS
9/20/2011 Tue 10:30PM Workaholics COMEDY
9/21/2011 Wed 8:00PM Middle, The ABC
9/21/2011 Wed 8:00PM X Factor, The FOX
9/21/2011 Wed 9:00PM Criminal Minds CBS
9/21/2011 Wed 9:00PM Harry's Law NBC
9/21/2011 Wed 9:00PM Modern Family ABC
9/21/2011 Wed 10:00PM CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CBS
9/21/2011 Wed 10:00PM Law & Order: SVU NBC
9/21/2011 Wed 10:00PM Revenge ABC
9/22/2011 Thu 8:00PM Big Bang Theory CBS
9/22/2011 Thu 8:00PM Charlie's Angels ABC
9/22/2011 Thu 8:00PM Community NBC
9/22/2011 Thu 8:30PM Parks and Recreation NBC
9/22/2011 Thu 9:00PM Grey's Anatomy ABC
9/22/2011 Thu 9:00PM Office, The NBC
9/22/2011 Thu 9:00PM Person of Interest CBS
9/22/2011 Thu 9:30PM Whitney NBC
9/22/2011 Thu 10:00PM Mentalist, The CBS
9/22/2011 Thu 10:00PM Prime Suspect NBC
9/23/2011 Fri 8:00PM A Gifted Man CBS
9/23/2011 Fri 8:00PM Kitchen Nightmares FOX
9/23/2011 Fri 8:00PM Nikita CW
9/23/2011 Fri 9:00PM Blue Bloods CBS
9/23/2011 Fri 9:00PM CSI:NY CBS
9/23/2011 Fri 9:00PM Dateline NBC NBC
9/23/2011 Fri 9:00PM Fringe FOX
9/23/2011 Fri 9:00PM Supernatural CW
9/24/2011 Sat 8:00PM Comedytime Saturday CBS
9/24/2011 Sat 9:00PM Crimetime Saturday CBS
9/24/2011 Sat 10:00PM 48 Hours Mystery CBS
9/24/2011 Sat 10:00PM Saturday Night Live NBC
9/25/2011 Sun 7:00PM 60 Minutes CBS
9/25/2011 Sun 7:00PM Extreme Makeover: Home Edition ABC
9/25/2011 Sun 8:00PM Amazing Race, The CBS
9/25/2011 Sun 8:00PM Simpsons, The FOX
9/25/2011 Sun 8:30PM Cleveland Show, The FOX
9/25/2011 Sun 9:00PM Boardwalk Empire HBO
9/25/2011 Sun 9:00PM Desperate Housewives ABC
9/25/2011 Sun 9:00PM Family Guy FOX
9/25/2011 Sun 9:00PM Good Wife, The CBS
9/25/2011 Sun 9:30PM American Dad FOX
9/25/2011 Sun 10:00PM CSI:Miami CBS
9/25/2011 Sun 10:00PM Dirty Soap E!
9/25/2011 Sun 10:00PM Pan Am ABC
9/26/2011 Mon 1:00PM Chew, The ABC
9/26/2011 Mon 8:00PM Gossip Girl CW
9/26/2011 Mon 8:00PM Terra Nova FOX
9/26/2011 Mon 9:00PM Cake Boss TLC
9/26/2011 Mon 9:00PM Hart of Dixie CW
9/26/2011 Mon 9:30PM Mike & Molly CW
9/26/2011 Mon 10:00PM Little Couple, The TLC
9/27/2011 Tue 9:00PM 19 Kids & Counting TLC
9/28/2011 Wed 8:30PM Suburgatory ABC
9/28/2011 Wed 9:30PM Happy Endings ABC
9/28/2011 Wed 10:00PM Luther BBCA
9/28/2011 Wed 10:00PM Storm Chasers DISC
9/29/2011 Thu 8:30PM How To Be A Gentleman CBS
9/29/2011 Thu 10:00PM Private Practice ABC


Be sure and download the full premiere list (see above) to see all premieres including October, November, December and more.

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