Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GeekTonic Guide to TV-New Fall 2011 TV New Series

Over the past few days we’ve been previewing all of the new series by network.  Now that we’ve covered nearly all of the new shows, it’s time to do a wrap-up with a complete list of all new TV series for this Fall 2011 TV season.

Other Network Premieres Covered:

A complete listing of all new TV series for the Fall 2011 Series follows:

Download Listing of all Fall 2011 New TV series sorted by name

Download Listing of all Fall 2011 New TV series sorted by premiere date

Premiere Date Day Time  (Eastern pm) Title Network
9/1/2011 Thu 9:00PM Sweet Home Alabama CMT
9/4/2011 Sun 9:00PM Dinosaur Revolution DISC
9/5/2011 Mon 9:00PM Swamp Brothers DISC
9/6/2011 Tue 10:00PM Fashion Hunters BRAVO
9/6/2011 Tue 10:00PM Mad Fashion BRAVO
9/7/2011 Wed 10:00PM Paranormal Witness:Emily the Imaginary Friend SYFY
9/7/2011 Wed 8:00PM Saved: The Woolverton Family ANIMAL
9/10/2011 Sat 10:00PM Bad Dog! Bad to the Bone ANIMAL
9/13/2011 Tue 8:00PM Miracle Babies NGW
9/13/2011 Tue 9:00PM Ringer CW
9/13/2011 Tue 7:00PM Rise Up ESPN
9/14/2011 Wed 10:30PM Free Agents NBC
9/14/2011 Wed 8:00PM H8R CW
9/14/2011 Wed 10:00PM Hulk Hogan's MCW TRUTV
9/14/2011 Wed 10:00PM Up All Night NBC
9/15/2011 Thu 9:00PM Secret Circle, the CW
9/19/2011 Mon 9:30PM 2 Broke Girls CBS
9/19/2011 Mon 10:00PM Playboy Club, The NBC
9/20/2011 Tue 9:00PM New Girl FOX
9/20/2011 Tue 10:00PM Unforgettable CBS
9/21/2011 Wed 10:00PM Revenge ABC
9/21/2011 Wed 8:00PM X Factor, The FOX
9/22/2011 Thu 8:00PM Charlie's Angels ABC
9/22/2011 Thu 9:00PM Person of Interest CBS
9/22/2011 Thu 10:00PM Prime Suspect NBC
9/22/2011 Thu 9:30PM Whitney NBC
9/23/2011 Fri 8:00PM A Gifted Man CBS
9/25/2011 Sun 10:00PM Dirty Soap E!
9/25/2011 Sun 10:00PM Pan Am ABC
9/26/2011 Mon 9:00PM 24 Hours in the ER BBCA
9/26/2011 Mon 9:00PM Hart of Dixie CW
9/26/2011 Mon 8:00PM Terra Nova FOX
9/28/2011 Wed 8:30PM Suburgatory ABC
9/29/2011 Thu 8:30PM How To Be A Gentleman CBS
10/1/2011 Sat 10:00PM Bedlam: Cohabitants BBCA
10/2/2011 Sun 10:00PM Homeland SHO
10/4/2011 Tue 8:00PM Pink Pastry TLC
10/5/2011 Wed 10:00PM American Horror Story FX
10/10/2011 Mon 9:30PM Enlightened HBO
10/11/2011 Tue 8:00PM Last Man Standing ABC
10/13/2011 Thu 10:00PM All-American Muslim TLC
10/16/2011 Sun 10:00PM Siggy Flicker VH1
10/18/2011 Tue 8:30PM Man Up! ABC
10/21/2011 Fri 10:00PM Boss STARZ
10/21/2011 Fri 9:00PM Grimm NBC
10/23/2011 Sun 8:00PM Once Upon a Time ABC
10/25/2011 Tue 8:00PM Bridal Mile TLC
10/25/2011 Tue 9:00PM Texas Multi Mamas WE
10/30/2011 Sun 8:30PM Allen Gregory FOX
11/12/2011 Sat 11:30PM Thick of It, The BBCA
11/20/2011 Sun 10:00PM I Do Over WE
11/23/2011 Wed 9:30PM I Hate My Teenage Daughter FOX
1/8/2012 Sun 10:00PM House of Lies SHO
2/6/2012 Mon 10:00PM Smash NBC

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