Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cyber Monday Deals

If you're like me, you skipped the Black Friday madness and decided to see what kind of deals you could get online instead.  Even last Friday there were some good online deals, but today, CyberMonday (the online equivalent of Black Friday) arrives for the really smart shoppers.

I'm seeing free shipping deals across the board including Amazon, Apple, Buy, ZipZoomFly, Dell and HP.  Beyond that there are plenty of small discounts and even a few really good ones.  If you're looking for the best deals, watch for the HDTV's, cameras, video game machines and even a few of the MP3 players.

Rather then throw too many deal links at the GeekTonic readers (GeekTonic will still have a few of the best HTPC & Media Gadget Deals), I'll refer you to our new site for all of the CyberMonday Deal Listings.  Here's the one I've posted so far for CyberMonday:

If you're looking for the deals and discounts, be sure and take a look or better yet subscribe to GeekTonicDeals keep up with the latest good deals.  I'm working hard to keep all of them updated on a daily basis.