Saturday, December 06, 2008

SageTV Beta 6.5.3 Released

This past Wednesday, SageTV released another beta that includes support for their new SageTV HD Theater (HD200).  There are several other improvements and bug fixes included as well, but no new flashy features as this release is nearing escape from beta-land.

A few of the more significant updates include:

  • Support for the SageTV HD200 Theater
  • Various improvements to SageTVTranscoder and SageTVPlayer (for HDPVR support and other bugs encountered in 6.5.1/2)
  • Maximized badwidth usage for Placeshifter and Extenders
  • SageTV will now try to record HD airings of a show over SD airings even if that means the recording will occur at a later time. This can be disabled by setting the property prefer_hdtv_recordings_over_sdtv=false.
  • Add "Switzerland" frequency for DVB
  • Fixed Extender bug where timeline would reset on some files with the HD extender partway through
  • Added support for 720p YouTube videos when they exist.

Full SageTV 6.5.3 Beta Change List via SageTV Forums

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