Thursday, December 04, 2008

Major Boxee Release - Netflix Watch Now And More


Boxee announced the latest release of their HTPC software and it's packed with several new features including Netflix Watch Now!

Boxee is a project based on the xbmc (XBox Media Center) open-source project.  Boxee was developed to be a “social” media center program that plays media from your home network and the internet and also allows you to stream or download movies, tv shows, music and photos

This release is of course for the versions of Boxee that are already available to the public beta members including Linux, Mac and AppleTV versions.  The Windows Version of Boxee officially begins pre-alpha testing today (214 users) and will soon begin opening up to more testers.

Some of the notable inclusions in this release are:
  • Netflix
    • Watch Now Playback (doesn't work on AppleTV or Linux versions)
    • Instant Queue
    • Recommendations
    • Browse Recently Added & Most Popular
    • Browse or Search Netflix Watch Now collection by Genre
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New Hulu with queue support, faster operation and improved playback
  • New YouTube with a new look and higher quality video playback
  • New CNN, Flickr, Picasa and Apple Movie Trailers - all re-written to work faster and better
  • Boston Globe's "The Big Picture" - a photo blog you can browse via the 10-foot interface
  • Integration with MTV Music - click on an album and you have the option to watch music videos of the artist.
  • Discover Simple, Private Sharing at
  • The WB - content streamed from The WB network!
  • Lots of Bug fixes
See the full list and writeup at the Boxee Blog